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Syntax #


Purpose #

The p.title.toc-chapter annotation is used to tag an element as being the title of a chapter in the document. A chapter element exists in the bookmap’s metadata and contains one or more <topicref> elements, which refer to their associated DITA files. This defines what content is contained within a chapter in a bookmap.


This annotation should be applied to the heading of the section where you wish to begin a chapter. It will contain all following content until the next chapter, appendix, or backmatter element is created.


This annotation is not applied to the table of contents entry.

Example #

The following is an example of a time when you might want to use the annotation


The following is an example of a rule that will apply the annotation

The following is the DITA XML output for the rule:


<topicref href=”Chapter_1_Overview_of_the_MacGuffin.dita”>

<topicref href=”The_MacGuffin.dita”/>

<topicref href=”Usage_Scenarios.dita”/>